You have your property protected by a good fence, and you have had a good gate in use for a while. It is a true fact that a perimeter fence is only secure as the gate that completes the enclosure, so if your gate is starting to sag and droop out of place, your property may be at risk. Sagging gates are one of the most common reasons why homeowners have to call in a gate repair professional for assistance, and this issue can have several underlying problems. Here is a look at some of the causes of a sagging gate. 

The hinges holding the gate have grown weak. 

Without a question, the single most common reason for a sagging gate is bad hinges. The best gates have these durable hinges that connect the gate on one side or the other and allow for the opening function. As great as the opening function of a gate is, it does mean extra stress on the hinges the more times the gate has to open. Eventually, hinges can and do wear out, and they will have to be replaced for the gate to regain its appropriate position. 

The posts on the outside of the gate have changed positions. 

The ends of a fence that has a gate are posts that are different than the usual fence posts. These anchoring posts are designed to be most stable when a perimeter fence is installed with a gate. The posts may have a deeper depth, may be anchored in place with concrete, and may have other stabilizing features. However, these posts can change positions just like any other post. The ground density may change or the posts may start to lean. In these situations, the gate will be affected and it may start to sag. Thankfully, the fix is as simple as having the posts reset by a gate repair company. 

The materials of the gate have changed shape. 

Most commonly a problem with wooden gates, sagging can occur if the materials the gate itself is made out of start to degrade. for example, if wooden gate slats have not been properly sealed throughout the years, they can take on water, start to mold, and allow the structure of the gate to start to change. Unfortunately, this kind of issue can oftentimes mean that the full gate will have to be replaced in order for it to stay seated properly in place. 

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