As a city official, such as a mayor, it is your job to ensure the cleanliness of the city you manage and the safety of the city's residents. If you notice that your city is looking a little worse for the wear, it might be time to consider cleaning efforts to restore the health and sanctity of your city. There are many ways industrial demolition projects can help improve your town. Understanding those reasons and the benefits can help you decide of a demolition project is something you should consider.

Removal of Harmful Pollutants

Are there any abandoned gas stations or chemical plants in your city? If so, those abandoned sites could pose a health and environment hazard to your town and the people in it. Removing old gas stations and plants requires careful assessment and a professional approach, which is something a qualified industrial demolition team can provide.

Petroleum tanks stored underground at old gas stations can create brownfields, which occurs when the petroleum leaks from the tank and infects the ground. It is estimated that there are approximately 450,000 brownfields throughout the United States, half of which are from storage tanks found at old gas station sites.

Take into consideration that petroleum leakage can lead to serious issues that can impact the health of your city's residents. For instance, the leak could contaminate groundwater, which often serves as your city's source of drinking water. Petroleum-infected water can lead to irritation, hematological effects (can negatively impact bone marrow and blood cells), and neurological effects (can negatively impact the central and automatic nervous systems).

Calling in an experienced industrial demolitions team allows you to remove possible contaminants and pollutants caused by old gas stations and plants. An expert will arrive on-site, assess the level of contamination, and determine the best approach to removing the tanks and existing structure to prevent further contamination and environmental harm.

Improving the City's Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is something you often hear in reference to a home. However, curb appeal can apply to any area of a town or city. If you have unsightly buildings, such as abandoned businesses and industrial buildings, it can make the area seem unappealing. Dilapidated industrial buildings and businesses can decrease the value of homes in the surrounding area, which may make your town's residents feel displeased and frustrated.

Additionally, dilapidated buildings may increase the potential for crime. Because criminals can enter abandoned or dilapidated buildings without force, it serves as the perfect place for illegal activities to fester. For instance, abandoned buildings can provide great places for drug dealers or addicts, prostitutes, and other criminals to hang about, thus putting local homeowners at risk.

Have an industrial demolitions team remove old, abandoned, and dilapidated businesses and industrial sites to lower the possibility of crime and improve neighborhood appearances. Criminals are less likely to disturb neighborhoods where residents and officials seem to care about their surroundings. Therefore, if the neighborhood appears clean and well-cared for, people will take their illegal activities elsewhere so it is easier to hide out from law enforcement.

By removing rundown industrial properties and businesses, you are also giving rise to home values in the surrounding area. Your residents will appreciate the rise in property values since it means they will have a greater asset value.

If you would like to learn more about the different reasons you should hire an industrial demolitions service company, contact a contactor near you. A professional can help answer questions and provide you with a list of benefits. A demolitions expert will likely visit with you in person and assess each location to provide you with more information about the best approach to demolitions for the benefit of your city.