When a sink drain in your home is clogged and will not allow water to flow through it, you have a problem on your hands, but when every drain in your home starts malfunctioning, you have an even bigger problem. One of the worst types of plumbing issues you can have is a clog in your main sewer line, and here are the top three signs that indicate a clogged main sewer line.

Your Toilets Will Not Flush

One of the signs you might notice first is that your toilets are all experiencing problems flushing. You might try to flush one, and the water might not go anywhere. If you suspect that the toilet is just clogged, you could try unclogging it to see if that helps. You could also try flushing any other toilets you have in your house. If every toilet is backed up and will not flush properly, there is a good chance that you have a clog in the main sewer line. This line is the pipe that carries all waste water from your home into the septic system you have in your yard or the city septic system you are tied to.

All the Plumbing Fixtures Are Backed Up

A second sign of a main sewer line clog is problems with all plumbing fixtures. If you notice that every drain in your home is backing up when you run water, you can be certain that you are not experiencing individual clogs with each one. Instead, this will often indicate that there is a clog in the main pipe that exits your house and runs into the sewer system. Every sink you have will not clog up on the same day unless there is a major problem like this.

Waste Water Is Coming Up the Bathtub Drains

The worst sign you might see from a clogged main sewer line is waste water coming up through your tub. If this is happening, you should stop using all water in your home until the problem is fixed. This waste water will be smelly and gross, and it can contaminate your plumbing fixtures.

If you are having a problem like this, you should hire a plumber or septic repair company for help. They can locate the problem by examining the system or performing a camera inspection. Once they find the problem, they can fix it for you, and you will then be able to use your plumbing fixtures once again.

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