When you're a construction or industrial contractor, it's imperative that your equipment is working as it should. Any down equipment can mean work delays, missed deadlines, other teams waiting on you, and your team standing around growing restless. That's why it is so important to have a reliable electrical supply and repair company that can help you quickly get back to work. Here's what you should look for.

Choose A Company That Will Meet Your Location Needs

If your company does business regionally or nationwide, you want your partner company to have the same regional and nationwide capabilities as well. This may mean they have multiple locations within the same geographical region you do the majority of your work in, or they have servicemen and engineers who are willing to travel to you and perform their work in the field.

Choose A Company That Has A Clean, Modern Facility

When other contractors are waiting on your team to finish your part of the project, expediency is key. Electrical supply and repair companies that haven't kept pace with technology won't have the troubleshooting equipment that can quickly determine where the problem lies. With state-of-the-art diagnostic and repair tools, the electricians can quickly provide transmission repair service or other tasks and get you and you crew back to work in no time.

Choose A Company That Values Continuing Education

It doesn't matter how modern the facility is or how many state-of-the-art tools an electrical supply and repair company has if their employees haven't kept up with changing technology and learning new things. Employees should be encouraged to constantly be increasing their knowledge and obtaining industry-standard certifications, licenses, and accreditation.

Choose A Company That Can Multitask

You want to partner with an electrical supply and repair company who can do it all and do it well.  

Transformer Repair Services: You want a company that can troubleshoot your transformer and offer transformer repair service without having to wait for OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts.

Field Maintenance Repair: You want a company who is willing to send their technicians to you. Transformer repair service capabilities in the field will save you time and money.

Engineering Support: You want a company who employs talented electrical engineers who can understand what you need in a power generating system and execute it into reality.

Technical Support: From designers to information technology to clerical support, you want a company who ensures the most skilled people are there to provide expertise backup and support to every other company level.