If you are getting ready to do a bit of remodeling to your home, you may need to go to the city's building department to see if you need a permit to do the work. There are many things you can do without the need for one, such as painting or putting down new flooring. However, if you will be actually building anything, like adding a wall or putting a roof over your porch, a permit may be necessary. Here are a few situations you may think are not important enough to get one but might, depending on where you live.


If your home does not have a porch, it is always best to check to see if you need a permit to build one. Many city's will require one and some will only require one if you will have any electrical outlets, lights, or plumbing installed. Adding a roof, or enclosing an existing porch may also require a permit before you can begin the work.

New Windows

When you are simply replacing old windows with new ones that fit in the same hole, a permit is not usually needed. However, if you need to enlarge the hole for the new windows, your city may require a permit for the work to be done. So, before you take out the living room window to turn it into a large bay window, talk to the building department.


Any time you will be building a wall, especially if it involves taking out an existing wall, it is most likely going to require a permit. You may need to have an engineer inspect the place to make sure that any load-bearing walls are not being moved. It may seem like a simple thing to push a wall back a few feet to make one room larger, but it could make your house unstable. An engineer or architect may be able to find a way to enlarge the room that will maintain the structural integrity of the building.


Another reason to always check with the building department is the need for inspections. While some work may not need a permit, you may still be required to have it inspected once it is complete. In addition, some projects, such as a new wall, may require inspections of any electrical wires put in before you cover them with drywall.

While you may think you can do the work inside and not have to worry about permits and inspections, you will be sorry if you decide to sell the house. Once any potential buyers have the place inspected, the remodeling will be noticed and reported. You may be fined for the illegal work in addition to having to take it all out. Getting a permit is much easier than having to go through all that. Contact a company, like City Permit, for more help.