If you have your own well, you know how vital the well pump is to ensure that the system provides water dependably. A failing pump can mean disaster, as you could suddenly lose access to the water when you need it most. Fortunately, most pumps give some signs that there is trouble brewing long before they give out. By knowing them, you can have it repaired or replaced before the pump breaks down totally.

Sign #1: Water pressure fluctuations

As a well owner, you are probably accustomed to slight fluctuations in water pressure. Problem signs are when these small fluctuations are either becoming more severe or happening more frequently. This can indicate that your pump is having problems keeping up with the demand for water, or that it is no longer strong enough to provide a consistent flow.

Sign #2: Increased noise

Some noise when a pump kicks on is expected. It is generally no more than a gentle hum. If you start hearing clicking or grinding noises, or if the usual hum becomes louder, you may be dealing with a failing pump. Grinding is particularly worrisome since this means a part has worn out or is about to go. Clicking can indicate a problem with the pump's motor, so take it as a sign of impending failure.

Sign #3: The pump never shuts off

If it seems like your pump is constantly running, or if it continues to run even when the water isn't in use, then it may be failing. Sometimes the relay switch in a pump goes out, which means it doesn't know when to shut off. This overworks the pump and causes it to break down. Another issue is when a pump is failing and working at reduced capacity. This means it has to run longer to bring up the water pressure after each use of your water.

Sign #4: Increase power usage

If you notice your power bills going up but your electricity use and the rates are the same, then it could be your pump. This is particularly true if you notice any of the other issues mentioned above in conjunction with increased power usage. A failing pump often loses efficiency or it begins to run more often.

Any of the issues above means that it is time to have a well pump service professional out to inspect your pump to see if it needs repair or replacement.