Your garage door is a resilient tool for keeping elements outside of your garage; this includes everything from would-be intruders to the weather. However, every now and then, you may find yourself in a situation where your garage door simply will not open. Before you decide to call a professional garage-door repair person, read on and discover a few tips that might help you get to the root of why your garage door isn't opening.

Electronic Malfunction

Most garage doors are of the electronic variety, especially if they were purchased in the last twenty-five years or so. Like other electronic appliances, a garage door can be subject to malfunction, although luckily, with garage doors, these issues can often be easily fixed. For example, it could simply be the case that your garage door needs to be reset. There are different methods for resetting each unique make and model of garage door, but many times, you can simply reset a garage door by unplugging the electronic component of the door for five to ten seconds, plugging it back in, and then testing things out. If the garage door opens, there you have it! The door simply needed to be reset. If you believe the issue to be a more robust electronic or electrical problem, then call on the services of a professional repair person.

Damaged Garage-Door Springs

If you have a garage door that is opening far too quickly, especially when you try to manually open it after some difficulty, then it could be the case that your garage door is suffering from damaged garage-door springs. There are generally two locations where you will find the garage door's springs, depending on the type of garage door installed. You can find these springs located either on the top of the door or running alongside of it. The springs are often encased in a metal tube. Purchase a new spring that fits your particular garage door from a local hardware store, remove the original spring from its casing, and install the new model.

Improperly Aligned Track

Running from the side of your garage door up to the top of the ceiling, you will see a set of aluminum tracks that allow your garage door to rise and fall. Occasionally, garage doors will fall off this track, even ever so slightly, which can cause them to be difficult to open or close. Fixing this process simply involves making sure that the garage door itself fits back onto the slats, and this is a task that is both simple and quick to do.

However, if you would like help with any of these problems, you can always find someone to repair your garage door by visiting sites such as