When you take a shower, you want to encounter a steady stream of water; you do not want to try to wash your hair and body with only a slow trickle or dribble of water coming out of your shower head. If the water pressure in your shower is less than ideal, there are a few different reasons your pressure may have slowed down. 

Test Your Water Pressure

The first thing you need to do is test your water pressure and determine if it is really as low as it feels to you. You should be able to pick up a water testing kit at your local home improvement store. The testing kit should provide you a measurement of your water pressure in pounds per inch, or PSI. Ideally, your water pressure should read between 55 to 65 PSI. If your water pressure is significantly lower than the recommended level, then you have official confirmation that your water pressure is lower than it should be. 

Check For Leaks

Once you've confirmed that your water pressure is low, you should first check for leaks. Check all the pipes under your faucets and try to access and check all of your plumbing lines. Look for condensation, water dripping from the plumbing, or pools of water. If you spot any of these signs, you are going to need to fix the leaky pipe. Fixing the leaky pipe may restore your water pressure.

To fix the leaky pipe, you'll want to turn off the water off to the pipe and turn on the faucets so any water left in the pipe can drain out. Then use a putty knife to apply epoxy to the leaking area and then cover the leak up with rubber. Put a clamp on the rubber to hold it in place, and when the epoxy has dried, wrap water resistant tape over the rubber. This should repair the leak; if this doesn't work, you'll need to contact a plumber.

Check Your Pressure Tank

Next you should check your pressure tank. Your pressure tank is responsible for monitoring the pressure of your water from your well or from your municipal water source. 

Generally, your pressure tank is located near the main shut-off valve for your water in your house. On your pressure tank, there should be a lever that you can use to set the water pressure in your home. Check and see if the water pressure has been turned down; remember, the ideal water pressure is right between 55 to 65 PSI, so if your pressure tank is set below that, you will want to adjust the settings. Check and see if this improves the water flow in your shower. If not, you may want to contact a professional from a company like Valley Drilling Corporation of VA to come check out your pressure tank.

Fixing any leaks in your plumbing system and adjusting the settings on your pressure tank should take care of the low water flow you have been experiencing when you try to take a shower. If your water pressure does not improve after implementing these two suggestions, you may want to have a plumber come out and inspect your plumbing system to pinpoint the exact cause of your low water pressure.