If you have children, it's never too early to get them involved in understanding how the various elements of your home function. Provided you feel that they're old enough to take part, it's beneficial to teach your kids a little about the home's gutters. Let them check out the downspouts – many kids will get a kick out of watching the water flow from the spouts during or after a period of rain. You can also teach them some various tips on how to notice when your downspouts need attention – and while involving your kids should never take the place of you being vigilant about noticing these issues, it's a fun way to get everyone involved in the upkeep of the home. Here are some areas to focus on.

Noticing Vegetation Flowing Through The Downspouts

Given that your kids might frequently enjoy playing in the yard, it's useful to teach them to watch for some signs that indicate your gutters and downspouts need to be cleaned. One such sign that your children should be able to catch is when a steady concentration of leaves, seed pods and other forms of plant life are flowing out of the downspouts along with the water. When it's not raining, teach your kids to look for small piles of leaves on the grass at the openings of the downspouts, as this also indicates that a cleaning is necessary. Many kids will take pleasure in this task and be quick to alert you to this issue.

Vegetation Visible In The Gutters

Many children have a keen eye for noticing changes in their environment, and if your child fits this description, he or she might be able to easily notice if vegetation is growing out of the tops of the gutters. Even from the ground, this growth can be easily visible – and is a sign that the gutters are at least partially obstructed and require cleaning.

Trees Encroaching On The Gutters

Older kids who enjoy climbing the trees around your yard can take advantage of this activity to notice if any branches are growing close to the rain gutters. Left untrimmed, these branches can disrupt the operation of the gutters by damaging them, which could leave your roof vulnerable to water damage. Take your children outside to inspect the trees and then have them alert you when any branches start to encroach on your home so that you can have them promptly trimmed.