When faced with a partial roof replacement off the back of your house where you intend to put a four seasons room in the future, it may make more sense to install your four seasons room now rather than later. It resolves the issue you are having with your roof, and provides your home with more space. (A four seasons room is a room that has several floor-to-ceiling windows and a door to the outside; it is like having an enclosed patio space, but you can enjoy it all year round.) This addition requires that you either build a new roof off the back or side of your house, or remove a bad part of your roof on these areas and replace it with the roof for the four seasons room. Here are some other good reasons for removing the bad part of the roof and installing your four seasons room in its place.

Replacing the Flat Roof Twice

If you replace your flat, back roof now, you will have to replace it again when you finally install the four seasons room. Replacing a roof twice does not make for very good financial sense, especially if the addition of the four seasons room adds more value to your home and property now. Avoid the double roof expense and install the four seasons room. That way, you only pay once to replace the roof and you get a new addition to your home that you wanted anyway.

Borrowing to Replace the Roof

If you already planned to take out a home equity loan to replace the roof, you can borrow as much as you need or want, so why not borrow just a wee bit more to construct the four seasons room? Surprisingly, most contractors that build four seasons rooms and do the roofing on these areas can make it quite an affordable, all-in-one package. You could borrow just enough to replace the roof, or borrow just a little more and put a whole new addition on your house. Additionally, some of these contractors that build sun rooms and four seasons rooms have their own financing, and if you apply for credit through them rather than borrow the money from the bank, you can get the extra room, the new roof over that room, and manageable monthly payments all at the same time.

Making the Whole Room and Its Roof Package Energy Efficient and Tax-Deductible

Now consider this--some energy efficient roofs are tax deductible. Adding a room onto your house, like a sun room or four seasons room that utilizes energy efficient windows too, increases the amount of tax-deductible savings you can write off next year.(You will have to buy specific roofing materials and specific windows to qualify for these tax breaks.) So, you are not just getting a roof replacement, but an energy efficient roof replacement that covers an energy efficient room with tax deductible windows. That is quite the package deal for a new roof and the addition you were planning to install anyway at a later date.