You don't need to be a construction expert in order to repair a rotting fascia board on your roof line. In most cases, and roof line will start to sag when the soffit and fascia boards become loose or waterlogged. This can be dangerous if you have a tile roof because individual tiles can become loose easier. At the same time, a loose fascia can compromise the eaves and lead to even more serious structural roof damage. This article explains how to replace fascia boards that are separating from the roof line.

Maintaining Fascia

Wood gets waterlogged and warped if it is not sealed with waterproof sealant. However, keeping a fascia board 100% sealed can be very difficult because the it is exposed to the sun, rain and other elements. You might need to reseal your fascia board every summer to ensure that it is waterproof. Since this is simply not practical for most homeowners, the fascia board will inevitably start to get water damage. As the wood expands, the fascia can pull away from the roof. It is particularly dangerous if standing water on the top edge of the fascia is allowed to soak in.

Getting Replacement Fascia

The first step is to get your replacement boards. Obviously, make sure you get the correct size, but also make sure you get tempered wood. Tempered wood will last much longer and resist water damage. When repairing rotted fascia, it is easiest to change the entire piece even if the rot is just a few inches. Most fascia boards will be over 8' long, but it is easier to remove the entire piece rather than cutting out the damaged part. The studs will be exposed, so you mark directly on new board where to drill the holes.

Attaching the New Fascia

It is essential to pre drill the holes in the new boards. If you drill the screws straight into the wood, it could split and you won't be able to drill too close to the edges. Use a 3" (or longer) screw to drill deep into the studs and create a strong hold. Countersink the screws so the head does not stick out. The final step is to patch over the screw heads. When painting the new board, make sure you blend the new paint onto the existing boards. You may even want to paint all your fascia at once so everything matches.

Fascia boards are vital to the style and structure of your roof line. Repair them as soon as possible so the problem does not get too big for you too fix on your own.

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