As a homeowner, you have a whole list of things around your home that become your responsibility to take care of and maintain, and your septic system should definitely be one of them. Even though a lot of homeowners will take the time to educate themselves about the septic tank and system that they have in place in their home, it is all too easy to fall for some of the pretty common misconceptions. Here are a few of the most prevailing myths concerning septic system maintenance that you should learn to avoid as a homeowner. 

Myth: You do not have to pump the septic tank unless you are having problems. 

Truth: If you wait until you are having issues with your septic tank to have it pumped, you could have already caused damage. It is best to have your septic tank pumped every four years or so, depending on the size of your family and whether or not you have a garbage disposal. If you move into a home and you are unsure of when the last septic tank cleaning took place, it is even a good idea to have a professional come to your property and take a look. 

Myth: Most septic systems will last the lifetime of the home if you just have the tank pumped regularly. 

Truth: It is true that the septic system of the home is designed to last for many years, and many may very well last a lifetime if they are appropriately maintained. However, there is a lot more to appropriate maintenance than simply having the tank pumped and cleaned per professional recommendations. Septic tank pumps, effluent pipelines, and ventilation systems are all examples of other aspects of the system that will need some attention from time to time. 

Myth: Using septic cleaning agents is just as good as pumping the tank and cleaning the lines. 

Truth: There is an array of products available through home improvement stores that you are supposed to flush down your toilet to do all of the hard work of cleaning the tank and lines. However good these products may sound, it is not likely that they can replace traditional cleaning methods. At most, some of these chemical drop-ins may be able to prolong cleaning for a short while. 

When you know more of the facts about septic system maintenance as a homeowner, you will be much less likely to run into problems in the long run. If you have questions about how to properly maintain the system you have at your house, be sure to talk to a professional such as Lutzky Contracting for advice and help with any problems you have.