Realistically, summertime is the best time to evaluate your home's fireplace and address any necessary repairs or upgrades. If you've been thinking about making some changes to your fireplace this summer, you should consider installing glass fireplace doors. You may be wondering how glass doors can make a difference for your fireplace. Not only can they save you money over time, but they can make your fireplace safer and more attractive. Here's a look at how glass doors provide each of those benefits.

Saving You Money – If you've ever walked by your un-lit fireplace in the late fall or early winter, you've probably felt that cool draft that seeps past the damper. Since the damper isn't air-tight, it doesn't keep the cold air from coming in through the chimney. Over time, the added costs to your climate control system can add up from this draft. Adding glass doors to the front of your fireplace will provide a solid barrier that keeps the cold air out of your rooms, reducing your home heating costs.

Protecting Your Home and Family – Open fireplaces require screens or other barriers to protect the surrounding area from flying sparks and embers. And, as the fire burns down, the ash movement can cause the logs to shift slightly. By adding glass doors instead of a screen in front of the fireplace, you can prevent an errant log or large ember from coming out of the firebox. This protects not only your floors and carpeting, but also your loved ones.

Improving Your Decor – Fireplaces come in a variety of styles, from brick to stone. Despite these different structures, glass is a timeless and elegant addition. Additionally, if you opt for a smoky or slightly tinted glass, you can build a visual barrier against the ashes and inner structure of the fireplace. Consider either bi-fold or cabinet doors depending on what works best with your style home. For example, the traditional, rustic appearance of a brick fireplace may benefit from cabinet-style glass doors.

As you can see, there are many reasons to consider investing in glass doors for your fireplace. If you've decided to explore the option, measure the opening dimensions of the firebox or pull the name of the manufacturer and the model number if your fireplace is factory built. Either piece of information ensures that you get glass doors that fit your fireplace securely. For more information, contact a company like Southwest Brick & Fireplace.