The traditional solution for keeping your home cool for the summer is to use a centralized air-conditioning unit. While this works, there are some disadvantages to using an AC unit. For one, you will have to set your thermostat to one temperature for your whole home. For another, you have to cool rooms whether they are in use or not. Finally, running one large unit may not be as efficient as providing targeted cooling for your home with a smaller unit. In some cases, you can get better cooling with a mini-split system than with a central-air system. 

Varied Temperature Settings

The rooms in your home that are exposed to direct sunlight tend to heat up more than rooms that don't. With a central-air unit, you only get one setting. This means that in order to keep the rooms on the sunny side of your house cool, the rooms on the other side of your house might get too cold. With a mini-split system, you will have several evaporator units and a thermostat for each unit, so you can easily adjust the temperature for each room. You gain two main advantages from this: for one, you eliminate fights over the thermostat setting, and for another, you can save money by adjusting the output of your unit to your cooling needs. 

Don't Cool Unused Rooms

When a room is not in use, cooling the room is simply a waste. If you have a thermostat in each room, you can turn off the evaporator coils for that room when you leave the room. For example, if you don't spend much time in your bedroom, you can program your thermostat to start cooling your room down a half hour or so before you plan to head to bed and to shut off when you leave your room in the morning. You then don't have to worry about wasting money keeping your room cool all day while it is not in use. 

Saving Money with a Smaller Unit

Mini-split systems tend to be smaller than central-air systems. Using a smaller unit means you use less electricity, so you save money on cooling costs. 

If your cooling bills are too high, it may be time to think about new cooling options. If you don't need to cool every room in your house, you may be able to get the cooling you need out of a mini-split cooling system. You should talk an AC installer, like Affordable Comfort Heating and Cooling, to see if a mini-split system is right for you.