Even if you aren't an ardent DIYer and wouldn't know how to do anything harder than hammer a nail into the wall, you should still have some basic tools at home. The basic tools don't need a lot of skill to use, and will let you do things like tighten a screw, hang a picture, or other very easy home repair job. What are the basic tools that you should stock your tool drawer with?


You should have a full set of screwdrivers. that's generally 8-10 screwdrivers. You will get a mix of slotted screwdrivers and Phillips head screwdrivers. The heads of the screwdrivers will be a variety of sizes so that they will fit in just about every screw you might run across. You will also want to make sure that the shafts of the screwdrivers are different lengths. That way you can get into just about any area that needs worked in. For ease of use, look for a screwdriver with a rubberized handle. You can get a better grip on the screwdriver and get more torque on it. 


A good claw hammer will do work for most of the jobs that may come up. A claw hammer has the hammer part in the front, with a curved claw in the back. That claw lets you pull nails out of the wall. You want to get a nice, solid feeling hammer. You may see some that have a wood handle, but it's better if you get a hammer that has a metal handle, with a rubberized grip. Those hammers are all one piece, so there is a lower risk of breakage. Make sure that you feel how heavy the hammer is before you buy it, try swinging it a few times. Heavier isn't necessarily better. You don't want something that is going to be too heavy after a couple of swings. 

Adjustable Wrench

There are a lot of different kinds of wrenches out there. However, for a basic tool collection, you really only need an adjustable wrench. These wrenches have a screw which will let you make them bigger or smaller as necessary. That will let you use one wrench for a variety of jobs. 

Every house should have tools. It doesn't matter if you rent or own or are all thumbs. Owning basic tools will let you handle small jobs that you may run across. For more information, check out companies such as Huber Lumber Co