If your kitchen faucet is broken and you decide to replace it, there are a few things you should consider before making your purchase. Kitchen faucets come in a range of styles and have various internal construction, each style and construction has its own unique benefits. Here we will explore the various types of faucets and the benefits of you will derive from making certain choices:

Faucet Styles

Here are three styles of faucet that you can try if you wish to replace a broken faucet.

1. Pull Down Kitchen Faucets

Pull down kitchen faucets come equipped with a spray wand that you can pull down into the kitchen sink. This type of faucet has widespread reach, making it easier to wash your dishes or vegetables. It also makes it easier for you to clean the kitchen sink.

2. Kitchen Faucets That Filter Water

Faucets that are specially designed to work with water filtration systems are great for having purified water at your disposal in your kitchen. You should consider getting this type of faucet if you are thinking about purchasing a water filter.

3. Wall Mounted Faucets

Wall mounted faucets are mounted on the wall of your kitchen above the sink. These types of faucets make it easier for you to clean your sink, and gives your kitchen a vintage look. Wall mounted faucets are great replacement faucets, especially if you are remodeling. This is because some plumbing work or dry walling is usually necessary to attach the faucet to the wall above the kitchen sink.

Internal Construction                                                                                            

No matter what style of faucet you choose, the reliability of the faucet is determined by its ability to control the flow of water that comes through the spout of the faucet. Here are some reliable types of faucet construction that you should consider buying.

  1. Compression valve faucets are very reliable. These faucets use a stem which rises and falls inside the faucet in order to control the amount of water that comes out of the faucet.
  2. Cartridge faucets use rings that are made of rubber. The rubber rings are enclosed inside a cylindrical shaped cartridge to control the flow of water through the pipe. These are also reliable.
  3. Ball faucets are equipped with a rotating metal or plastic ball that controls the amount of water that comes into the faucet.  Ball faucets that contain plastic balls will wear out overtime. However, ball faucets with metal balls tend to be more durable.

Choosing the faucet that is best for your needs may require some thought. However, the decision is usually easier when you have knowledge of the types of faucets that are available. If you want more help or have other questions, contact professional plumbing services.