When a demolition job gets too large, you often need to hire a specialized demolition contractor. However, home and property owners can often do a large portion of the demolition work on their own by simply renting an electric jackhammer. Jackhammers are particularly important when doing work on the foundation of a building. Here is how to operate an electric jackhammer.

Renting and Using a Jackhammer

Renting and operating a jackhammer is not that difficult if you are able to handle the physical side of it. Jackhammers can weight upwards of 100 pounds. If you are not able to lift one you should definitely not bother renting one.

Wearing Proper Safety Equipment

When operating a jack hammer you will need a few pieces of safety equipment to reduce the chance of injury. First, always wear safety goggles. Safety glasses are probably not protective enough because debris can fly behind the lens, damaging your eyes. With goggles you have an extra level of protection. You will also want knee pads because the job will require a lot of bending over to move around debris. For this reason, it might also be a good idea to wear a supportive back brace when using a jackhammer.

Another important piece of equipment you will need is a good pair of gloves. The vibration from a jackhammer can quickly lead to painful blisters. Leather construction gloves or comfortable baseball batting gloves will do the job just fine. It is also advisable that you wear long, thick pants and a long sleeve shirt when using or working near the jackhammer. Debris can fly all over the place, and it can be quite painful if it hits your bare skin.

When to Let the Pros Handle Your Demolition

For bigger jobs you might need to leave it to professionals. As mentioned, do not take on a job if you cannot operate the jackhammer. Also, make sure a jackhammer will be strong enough for your demolition. For instance, you should hire a demolition contraction if you need to tear down any vertical concrete or brick walls. A demolition company will have large tractors that can knock down walls in a matter of seconds. A jackhammer is powerful, but really only practical when doing jobs on small areas like a bathroom or a small slab of concrete.

If you can afford to hire professional demolition services, you can have the job completed much quicker.