Who says an indoor playroom has to be dark and quiet? Between bad weather and busy chore days, there are probably plenty of times that your kids find themselves stuck inside when they would rather be out running around. So encourage your kids to benefit from daily physical activity rain or shine by bringing the outdoors into their indoor playroom:

Have the Air Ducts Cleaned

Dust and debris gets built up in air ducts and when left unchecked, the debris can be forced into the air when the air conditioner or heater is turned on. Your kids will be breathing rapidly and deeply while they are up moving around and playing, so one of the most important things you can do for your new "outdoor" space is have the air ducts that lead to the room cleaned and inspected. This will keep the air clean and help to ensure that you aren't putting more wear and tear on your HVAC system than necessary.

Hang a Swing from the Ceiling

Create a park indoors with the help of a small jungle gym and a swing. It's easy to hang a swing from the ceiling of your playroom using these steps:

  • Find a joist in the ceiling near a corner of the room.
  • Drill one or two small holes into the joist depending on the type of swing you are hanging.
  • Install large enclosed ceiling hooks in the holes to hang the swing from.
  • Use the hardware that comes with the swing to hang it from the ceiling hooks that you have installed.

Make sure to provide at least three feet of space between the swing and the wall so your kids don't accidentally kick the wall while they are in motion.

Make A Few Homemade Murals

Creating murals on the walls and ceiling of the playroom is the perfect way to bring the outdoors inside. Recreate the sky with shades of blue and a big bright sun, with a few birds flying around here and there. The walls can be made up of trees, grass, flowers, and animals such as chipmunks and owls. Get creative and incorporate some learning into the murals with design ideas like making letters of the alphabet the branches of trees.

While your roofer inspects the strength and durability of your roof framing before you put the swing in, have it checked for leaks and cracks that may interfere with your painted mural as time goes on. Moisture coming in through the roof can eventually make the paint in your mural run or resulted in a faded mural altogether.

Decorate With Some Houseplants

Including houseplants in your playroom will brighten things up and offer a variety of benefits such as air purification for healthy little lungs, and improved focus which can come in handy during arts and crafts or reading time. Any houseplant that pleases your eye is a good option – here are a few easy-to-grow plants to consider:

  • Aloe.
  • Spider plants.
  • Rubber trees.
  • Ficus.

It's always a good idea to keep your houseplants near windows if possible, or rotate them so they all have a chance to get a little natural light a couple of times a week. If you don't want to take care of plants at all, you can liven things up with fake houseplants, although you will sacrifice the air purifying qualities that real plants have.

These tips and tricks will turn your kids' indoor playroom into an outdoor adventure land that keeps them active and curious all day long. To learn more, contact a company like Crystal Coast Heating & Air LLC with any questions or concerns you have.