In many parts of the country, classic architecture and new home prices are prompting more people to renovate their old home rather than buy a new one. A lot of classic older homes mostly need cosmetic work, so families are updating the interior and using the solid structure underneath. It's always a smart idea to look at the wiring when you're doing a home renovation. Rewiring isn't just for putting in extra outlets. There are many reasons why using a residential electrician to rewire is a smart move during your renovation.

Older Hardware

Your classic home might have been modern when it was first built, but it's probably out of date by now. Older hardware is more likely to burn out and be a fire hazard, and should be replaced. Some things you can look for:

  • Bakelite wall switches
  • Old ceiling lights with pull chains
  • Fabric covered wires
  • Outlets with only two holes in each plug

A Fuse Box

One of the biggest clues that you need an upgrade on your home wiring is the existence of a fuse box. Modern circuit breakers can handle much heavier loads than old fashioned fuses. Whether your fuses are blowing out on a regular schedule or not, renovation time is the perfect time to upgrade to a safer circuit breaker.

Increased Usage

If your house if 50 years old or more, you're using significantly more electricity than the wiring in the home was meant to handle. The classic baby boomer starter home didn't include computers, big screen televisions, surround sound systems, and multiple small appliances used by every family member. The wiring in older homes aren't meant to relay that much power, and putting the extra strain on the system can be a fire hazard.

Outdoor Usage

Using the outside of the house used to mean growing a pretty flower bed and, maybe, sitting on the front porch after dinner in the summertime. Today's family likes to use their back yard as an extra room, with decks, patios, fire pits, pool filters, and outdoor kitchens. If you like to entertain outdoors as much as inside, you'll need to have extra lights and outlets installed, plus the wiring that goes along with it.

It's smart to work with an electrician from a company like Conway Electric when you begin your project planning phase, before any actual work begins. He can advise you about what portion of your wiring fits in with your current and future lifestyle, and what part should be updated for both convenience and safety.